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Sons & Daughters Weekend

Come play at GRP

Each summer hundreds of parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles visit us at Green River Preserve to drop off a camper. Often, they ask if they can stay, too! This year we can finally and emphatically say “Yes!”

About the Weekend

GRP is hosting Sons & Daughters weekend in May 3-5, 2019. Campers can bring their mom, dad, or other adult family member to base camp for an adventure-filled few days. Explore the Preserve on Mentor Hikes with our Senior Mentors and trained naturalists. Laugh, learn, and challenge yourselves with archery, canoeing, and other camp activities. Plunge into GRP traditions - from reverent council fires to irreverent Ortman and Scrappy antics. Throughout the weekend we will hike some of the favorite GRP trails, explore various camp activities, and come together for meals, evening programs and free time. Unplug, slow down, and play in the woods.

Idea behind the Weekend

We designed this weekend for adults and campers across a wide range of experiences. It’s the perfect opportunity for returning campers to really show Mom or Dad their summer home. This is also a great way for younger siblings and first-time campers to experience sleep away camp alongside the comfort of family. Future campers can meet our directors and staff, learn their way around camp, and feel right at ease when they decide to return on their own for a summer session.

Sons & Daughters Weekend aims to create a classic GRP camp experience centered around inclusivity and respect. We hope to have aunts and nieces, grandfathers and grandsons, as well as fathers with sons or daughters and mothers with daughters or sons. As mentioned above, the majority of cabins this weekend will be single gender with adult/child pairs but we will have co-ed cabins as well to accommodate father/daughter and mother/son pairs. If you have a unique family situation or any questions, please let us know.

How to Enroll

To enroll, please fill out the registration form (coming soon). Tickets are $450 for an adult + child pair and $200 for additional children. Registration is open for children who are five years and older. Once you fill out the registration form, Catherine will contact you within 3 business days to confirm registration.

We are thrilled to invite you to enjoy GRP with us for what is certain to be a special weekend filled with connection, joy, and memories. We hope to see you in May!

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