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Western Expeditions

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Push yourself. Be a part of GRP’s Western Expedition (WXP)

Explore the heart of the San Juan Mountains. Walk amongst the ancestral Pueblo peoples in Chaco Canyon. White water raft the thrilling Colorado River. Discover the historic mining town of Silverton, Colorado. Contribute to regional and global research projects.

Trip Overview

  • Length: 23 days
  • Grades: 11th 12th grade
  • Begins and Ends: Albuquerque, NM, between AM
  • Airport: Albuquerque, NM (ABQ)
  • Challenge Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Dates and Rates

Sessions Days Dates Rates Grades Availability
Western 23 Tues, June 20 – Wed, July 12 $5,600 11-12 Open

“The most fun and valuable experience in my life thus far.”

11th Grade ExpeditionerCharlotte

Western Expeditions

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Chaco Canyon, Northern New Mexico

Experience the ancient civilization of the Pueblo peoples on our introductory hikes in the gorgeous desert Southwest. Exploring a place that was central to thousands between 850 and 1250 A.D., we will enjoy the chance to acclimate and grow together as a community.

Discover the Historic Mountain Town of Silverton, CO

Further acclimated and ready for adventure, we will day hike and prepare for our backpacking trip in Silverton, a community resting at 9,318 feet and surrounded by striking 12-13,000 foot peaks. Established in 1874 as a mining community, it remained as such until the early 1990’s when the last mine closed. We will have the opportunity to climb to the Old 100 Boarding House with a local geologist and get our feet wet in the backcountry of the San Juan Mountains.

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Explore the San Juan Backcountry

Ready and eager to explore the rugged and high mountain range of the Rockies, we will set out on our 10-day backpacking trip circumnavigating the town of Silverton. Waking each morning to snow-capped peaks, we will hike through phenomenal flower filled meadows and gorgeous mountain landscapes. From our campsites, we will enjoy delicious meals and evenings spent under a brilliant canopy of stars.

Research with Mountain Studies Institute

Mountain Studies Institute (MSI) is a non-profit research, education, and outreach center whose mission is to enhance the understanding and sustainable use of the San Juan Mountains. Prior to departing on our backpacking trip, we will spend a day with MSI researchers learning and practicing research tools we can use and contribute in the backcountry. Projects in the past have included mountain fen restoration, high alpine lake sampling, and monitoring pika as an indicator species for climate change.

Whitewater Rafting the Colorado River

We will spend 3 days rafting along the mighty Colorado River. Starting in solo duckies, Expeditioners will be guided through class I and II rapids. Once we get the hang of paddling, we will hop into guided rafts and explore the 17-mile thrilling section of Westwater Canyon. This action packed section will see us through class II, III, and IV rapids with visits to swimming holes, petroglyphs, and phenomenal campsites along the way. This will be an experience you will never forget!

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Day 1

Arrive in Albuquerque, NM (ABQ).

Day 2-4

Day hikes in historic Chaco Canyon.

Day 5: Hiking

Day hike to Old 100 Boarding House in Silverton, Colorado.

Day 6: Logistics

Logistics and preparation day.

Day 7-17: Backpacking in the San Juan Mountains

Spend 8-10 days circumnavigating the town of Silverton, a place surrounded by 13,000-foot peaks. You and your friends will enjoy tromping through the high alpine wildflower filled meadows and admiring the amazing mountain vistas!

Day 18: R&R

Arrive back in Silverton for some rest and relaxation!

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Day 19-21: Whitewater raft the thrilling Colorado River

Pilot solo inflatable kayaks on the Ruby Horsethief section and then hop in guided rafts for the exciting Westwater Canyon portion.

Day 22

Wake up on the river and drive back to Albuquerque for our final celebration.

Day 23

Depart from Albuquerque, NM.

Download the Western Packing List

We reserve the right to alter the itinerary prior to and throughout the trip. Itineraries may change due to: severe weather, student ability, motivation and conditioning, high or low rivers, high or low snowpack, unpredictable natural disasters, vehicle breakdowns, road closures, forest fires, illness, ever-changing permit regulations, any potential threat to safety; even a brilliant idea from an instructor or student. In the event of a schedule change, comparable activities will be substituted when possible and you will be notified by e-mail of significant change

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