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Hi, I’m Jess!


Coming all the way from beautiful Aotearoa New Zealand for her OE, Jess is excited to start her adventure at GRP, trading in an NZ winter for an American summer. She has since graduated university with a BA in Classical Studies, History, and Theatre and is wanting to become a high school teacher. Jess discovered her love for nature and the goodness it provides through Girl Guides/Scouts, which she has been a leader of a Guide/Scout unit for 7 years, and various tramping (hiking) trips through New Zealand’s national parks and is ready to take on the American wilderness. She has also acquired a passion of educating children in disciplines such as swim coaching and outdoor skills and is excited to utilise her experience to provide a fun and safe environment for children at GRP. This will be Jess’ first time at GRP and the United States and she cannot wait to get right into the action of camp!