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Property & Facilities


Our overnight summer camp resides in the Green River Valley near Tuxedo, North Carolina. Surrounded on all sides by the Blue Ridge Mountains, the 3,400 acres of property include open fields alongside freshwater springs, vast forested areas, a fishing pond, swimming hole, multiple waterfalls, and the headwaters of the Green River.

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Green River Preserve’s base camp is comprised of the main lodge and dining hall, camper cabins nestled in the woods, an infirmary, craft hut, cordwood cottage, staff lodge and mentor lodge. The main lodge features two massive stone fireplaces, art and nature rooms, and a newly renovated kitchen.

Also within base camp are two spring-fed ponds, large playing fields, stream-side pavilion, organic gardens, an apple orchard and a custom-built climbing tower.

Campers live in cabin groups of up to seven, with their respective counselors. Each cabin is a duplex joined by a central bathroom. Campers sleep on bunkbeds.

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