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Activity Leader

Children who play outside become happy and healthy people.

Each afternoon, campers take three rotating classes called Activities. Led by a range of experienced instructors and assistants, these Activities help campers explore a wide range of hobbies and ways to play and exercise outdoors. As part of our mission to grow thoughtful and happy people, our program combines many types of play, crafts, adventure, and fine arts.

As an Activity Leader, you specialize in one or a few Activities to teach each afternoon. Most of our Activities are taught by Mentors and Counselors who have an interest or skillset that makes them qualified to share their experience at a beginner to intermediate level. A few of our more challenging activities – like Climbing, Archery, and Mountain Biking – require more experience than others.

See the table below for an idea of the experience required, training offered, and hiring status for each activity we offer.

We know that challenges forge better people, and so we use Activities to help our community members grow.

Campers select many activities to do, and almost every child tries something new each year. This means that Instructors must teach to a range of skill and interest levels, and they must be prepared to meet campers where they are.

To accomplish this mission,all activities are supported by one or more Counselors, who act as class assistants or apprentices to the Activity Leader. If the Activity Leader is also a Mentor or Counselor, we set aside additional time for them to write lesson plans, prepare materials, and to rest.

At Green River Preserve, Mentor Hikes help our campers love the natural world.

It’s our Activities — the personal challenges, successes, and confidence they create — that help our campers learn to love themselves.

Activity Leader Type Experience Required Training Offered Hiring for 2021
Pioneer Cabin Crafts Residential Instructor Expert No Hiring
Pottery Residential Instructor Expert No Position Filled
Theatre Residential Instructor Expert No Position Filled
Arts & Crafts Commuting Instructor Extensive Yes Position Filled
Mountain Biking Commuting Instructor & Counselor Team Team - Familiar Yes Hiring Counselor Team
Climbing Commuting Instructor & Counselor Team Leader - Expert, Team - Familiar Yes Hiring Instructor & Counselor Team
Canoeing Commuting Instructor, Mentor or Counselor Extensive Yes Position Filled
Archery Mentor Expert Yes Position Filled
Outdoor Living Skills Mentor Extensive Yes Hiring
Music Mentor Expert Yes Position Filled
Drawing & Painting Mentor or Counselor Extensive Yes Position Filled
Fly Fishing Mentor or Counselor Extensive Yes Hiring