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GRP Family Camp

About GRP Family Camps

Get ready for an enchanting weekend filled with family, traditions, and the magic of Green River Preserve!

Our Family Camp Weekend is set to take place from Friday, May 17th, to Sunday, May 19th, and we’re thrilled to extend an invitation to all families, so escape to the mountains for a restorative weekend of camp fun at Green River Preserve with your family or pod!

Experience the joy of a traditional camp day with Mentor Hikes in the refreshing morning air and indulge in your favorite afternoon activities alongside your loved ones.

The highlight of the weekend will be the Lower Council Fire, where stories and music will weave a tapestry of memories, and don’t forget S’mores!

Join us in sharing the traditions that make Green River Preserve a truly magical place.

Come, seek the joy, and embark on the opportunity to start new traditions with your family.

Idea behind the Weekend

Are you or your child camp-curious? Wanting to try-on our camp before committing to a summer session? We invite you to escape to the mountains for a fun-filled weekend this spring at Green River Preserve with your family and friends! Over the course of 3-days you can explore the Preserve with our trained naturalists, relax in Hammockville with a book, or challenge yourselves with climbing, archery, canoeing, and other camp activities. We’re excited to offer a taste of the GRP experience for the whole family!

Family Weekend is the perfect opportunity for younger siblings and first-time campers to try sleep away camp alongside the comfort of family. Future campers can meet our directors and staff, learn their way around the Preserve, and feel right at home when they decide to return on their own for a summer session.

How to Enroll

Tickets are $1000 for a family or group of 4 and $200 for each additional person. Registration is now open for the entire family or group pod. Once you fill out the registration form, Madison will contact you within 3 business days to confirm registration.

We are thrilled to invite you to enjoy GRP with us for what is certain to be a special weekend filled with connection, joy,and memories. We hope to see you and your family this Spring!

We want this weekend to be accessible to any family who wishes to come. Please reach out to if your family would like to attend but the cost is prohibitive.

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