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How to make a tax deductible donation to Green River Preserve:

  • Please enter the amount in the box below and select your desired campaign fund.
  • If you wish to make a donation to multiple funds, please enter them separately.
  • Please specify in the comments section if you would like your gift to be anonymous or would like the gift to be “in memory of” or “in honor of” someone.

Thank you for your support!

Join the Leaf Society

In the early days of Green River Preserve, there was a family who was trying to send their son to camp, but struggling to afford the tuition. The little boy said, “I will sleep on the floor and bring my own food if they let me come!” That child did come to camp, and his heartfelt statement helped start more than two decades of generous camp scholarships that eventually led to the creation of Green River Preserve’s Annual Fund.

In middle school and college summers, I escaped from the heat and asphalt of central North Carolina by going up to the cool streams and forests of Green River, where I learned about fly fishing, wild blueberries, predators and prey, great campfire stories, and a multitude of tiny wonders and shared joys.

I give to the Green River Annual Fund each year because I’m aware that I wouldn’t have been able to attend without the support of many others and I know that my gift helps make it possible for someone else to experience that magical place. Please join me in supporting the Annual Fund and help create the Joy for a new group of young explorers. Thanks in advance!

Andrew L’Roe

Leaf Society Tiers

Contributors become members of the Leaf Society in one of the following categories:

  • Rhododendron - $10,000+
  • Pine — $5,000 – $9,999
  • Laurel — $1,000 – $4,999
  • Hickory — $500 – $999
  • Oak — $100 – $499
  • Maple — $1 – $99

Our Wish List

As a non-profit and an institute that highly values conservation, Green River Preserve loves to reuse items that may no longer be needed by others! GRP can use the following gently-used items as long as they are still fully operational and in safe condition:

  • Pickup truck for maintenance use
  • Fuel-efficient car for administrative tasks
  • Simple boom boxes (w/ CD player)
  • Guitars and other small musical instruments of all kinds
  • Digital cameras (especially a Go Pro camera!)
  • Lumber for building projects, GLPs wood working activities
  • Electric drill
  • Binoculars
  • Climbing shoes (new or like-new)
  • Yoga mats, blocks and straps (new or like-new)
  • Convection oven for food drying

Thank you, but we no longer need…

  • Towels
  • Recyclable items (cans, jars, etc.)

Grow With Us Campaign

Green River Preserve (GRP) was founded as a non-profit. With the exception of our Annual Fund supporting camper scholarships, we have not asked our families to help us grow. That is now changing. We need friends of GRP to help us build a much-needed addition to our Health Hut and a new Arts Center. Our Campaign Goal is $300,000, and as of January 2017, we are already a third of the way there thanks to our wonderful GRP families. We ask for your tax-deductible support of the “Grow With Us Campaign” to better serve our campers and to strengthen the camp that we all love.

The Arts Center we dream of…

The world of art and creative self-expression is a very significant aspect of the Green River Preserve program. When the sun shines at GRP, we have adequate “studio space” because several art activities take place out-of-doors. When it rains, things change. We need a multiple use, rainy day, Arts Center with, if we dare to dream, bathrooms. The new Arts Center will be located near the back field and parking lot so, on opening and closing days, parents and campers will have nearby conveniences! Most importantly, we want to nurture the creativity that abounds in many forms at Green River Preserve. Here, nature inspires art, and art inspires and enhances our community. A new Arts Center will do more than keep campers out of the rain; it will allow an uninterrupted celebration of the creative spirit that is a growing and animating force for our entire program.