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Hi, I’m John!


Growing up love the outdoor activities, John has been, as he describes, the “go-to” guy to explore the wilderness or trails. Born from the Philippines, his childhood has been revolved to getting out and being active. He love climbing trees, run outdoors (sometimes indoors) playing tag, and participate in as many sport activities as possible. Moving in the United States at age 12 he continues to go outdoor as possible. Throughout his middle school and high school years he have been staying active by participating in basketball, soccer, track, and wrestling. Towards near the end of high school he went out to Utah and explored the deserts and mountains of the beautiful west. Going back to North Carolina he is eager to get back outdoors and looks for camp opportunities to share his outdoor experience. After looking throughout his first year of college, GRP was recommended to him and he took the opportunity. Now, John is very excited to be part of the GRP family this summer and he can’t wait to meet everyone in camp!