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Hi, I’m G!

Mountain Biking Basecamp Expedition Leader

I’m currently living in Cape Canaveral Florida where I am enjoying the ocean immensely. Every day I get to surf, swim, kite board, kayak, foilboard, and lifegaurd. Recently, while kite boarding past the breakers, I have seen several turtles getting ready to come lay their eggs on the beach. Today I almost landed on a manatee with my kiteboard in a brackish river. My major in college was outdoor recreation. I am very excited about this summer, biking to all my favorite places like Ridgeline Trail, Wintergreen Falls and Fawn Lake for extended adventures with new and old friends. This expedition will be a mountain biking experience with more time for exploration, identification, and, inspiration. This summer will be extra special for me after the year long hiatus from camp and western North Carolina. I’m looking forward to seeing you all soon!