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Outer Banks Expeditions

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Participants in Green River Outer Banks Expeditions (OBX) are introduced to some of the most beautiful coastal areas of North Carolina.

Traveling aboard solo touring kayaks, Expeditioners explore some of the inland seas and legendary islands of the Outer Banks including Core and Bogue Sounds, Shackleford and Cape Lookout National Seashore. Based on the Green River Preserve philosophy, these Expeditions are designed to further stimulate the development of outdoor skills, teamwork, and self-understanding.

Outer Banks Expeditions begins and ends at the gateway to the islands in Stella, North Carolina. Expeditioners will travel in a fifteen passenger van on the mainland and kayaks while on the water, camping throughout their time in three to four person tents.

Trip Overview

  • Length: 12 days
  • Grades: 9th- 12th grade
  • Begins and Ends: GRP Base Camp, Stella, NC between 11-11:30AM
  • Airport: New Bern, NC
  • Challenge Level: Introductory

It showed me how beautiful it is to be away from civilization and just be surrounded by the sound of chirping birds and crashing waves.

11th Grade FemaleFlorida

Sea Kayaking

The first few days, Expeditioners will learn the fundamentals of sea kayaking while traveling aboard solo kayaks on inland water. We will be introduced to the rich coastal ecology and the basics of backcountry sea kayak camping. We will have a chance to practice our paddling skills on two different multi-day camping trips.

White Oak River

The Expeditioners first kayak campout occurs on the White Oak River, a black water river system. We will explore the transitions zones between a fresh water river and the inland sea between the mainland and the barrier islands while discovering massive bald cypress trees and alligators. We will also be introduced to basics of backcountry cooking and the beauty of cooking over a light weight stove.

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Shackleford and Cape Lookout National Seashore

We will initially cross Core Sound to the uninhabited Shackelford Island, home of the wild mustangs and unique maritime forest. OBX continues their paddle along Cape Lookout National Seashores for approximately five days camping on pristine beaches, kayaking, sea turtle watching, and exploring. Here there will be time to fish and scavenge for mealtime supplements and learn about the history, ecology, and lifestyles of this unique barrier island. The banks paddle will conclude on Harker’s Island, where participants will help clean gear and prepare for the final days festivities.

Foraging for Seafoods

Throughout the trip Expeditioners will have the opportunity to forage for edible plants and to try and harvest seafood from the ocean. Group gear includes casting nets and a few fishing rods. Expeditioners are encouraged to bring their own supplies (i.e. fishing rod).

Primative Skills and Crafts

Throughout the trip Expeditioners may learn fire by friction, cordage, crafts and jewelry with sea shells, sand rattles, leather making, basket weaving, and more.

Outer Banks Camping Facilities

OBX has an outpost in Stella, NC where the program starts and finishes. The Expedition is broken up into 2 kayaking camping trips with group learning programs taught throughout the program. The first group learning program is kayaking!


Day 1

Arrive in Stella, NC or at the New Bern, NC airport (EWN).

Day 2

Kayak Skills Day!

Day 3-4

Overnight paddle trip on the White Oak River or to Bear Island.

Day 5

Logistics Day, resupply and pack.

Day 6-10: Paddle the Outer Banks!

Spend the next days, sea kayaking up and down the famous islands of the Outer Banks. Camp on uninhabited islands, discover the rich marine life, and just enjoy being with your new friends in this beautiful place.

Day 11: Beaufort Town Day and Clean-Up

Visit the historic town of Beaufort, NC. Expeditioners will have the opportunity to visit the maritime museum and tour the town for a bit. Because we are so used to island life at this point, we will end our day with some well deserved beach time.

Day 12: Beaufort Town Day

Depart in Stella, NC or at the New Bern, NC airport (EWN).

Download the OBX packing list.

Pick up and drop off at GRP’s Outer Banks Headquaters: 129 Wetherington Landing Road, Stella NC

We reserve the right to alter the itinerary prior to and throughout the trip. Itineraries may change due to: severe weather, student ability, motivation and conditioning, high or low rivers, high or low snowpack, unpredictable natural disasters, vehicle breakdowns, road closures, forest fires, illness, ever-changing permit regulations, any potential threat to safety; even a brilliant idea from an instructor or student. In the event of a schedule change, comparable activities will be substituted when possible and you will be notified by e-mail of significant changes.

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