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Hi, I’m Sami!


​​Originally from the suburbs of Ohio, Sami’s relationship with nature has taken many forms over the years. From running around barefoot searching for “earth fairy homes” as a kid to cocreating content with local leaders working in community-led conservation at GlobalGiving this year, an affinity for the natural world has always played a role in Sami’s life. Although Sami considers her primary hobbies to be having lively conversations, wandering around, and ferociously Googling whatever interest is on her mind that day, she also loves cozying up with a good book, yoga, painting, and dancing (not well but always with gusto!). After reflecting on some of her favorite moments in life-many of which were either outdoors or at similar camps-she decided to leave her (also wonderful) life in Washington, DC and head to the mountains of GRP for the first time! She’s eager to reconnect with her childhood wonder of the natural world and join the GRP community as both a mentor-and a life-long learner.