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Hi, I’m Laura!

Camp Nurse

Laura grew up in Cleveland Ohio where the most outdoorsy activity her family ever participated in was cutting the grass! She received her BS in Chemistry and her BSN (nursing) from Bowling Green St. Univ. After working at the Cleveland Clinic and University Hospitals of Cleveland for 2 years she became a critical care traveling nurse. This is where her love of hiking, biking, camping and nature in general began. Over the course of 6 years she spent many days hiking in our country’s amazing National Parks. Laura’s relationship with GRP began in 2012 when both of her children, Grant and Lucy attended camp for the first time. The magic of GRP changed all of their lived, and they returned as base campers and expeditioners. Now Lucy is returning for her 3rd year as a counselor/intern. Laura has participated in many of the family events and has always felt like GRP was a super special place. She can’t wait to experience camp from a new perspective and share her talents during session 2.