Outer Banks Scouting Trip

Are you excited if you are signed up for an Outer Banks trip this summer! Stephen, Phen, and I have just returned from spending five days on the Outer Banks scouting for this upcoming season. We met up with Allison Sill, the lead mentor for the OBX trips for 2012. She is fantastic! I am personally jealous of all the expeditioners and the time you will get to spend with this incredibly knowledgeable lady. You are in for an adventure! Kayaking on Outer Banks

The highlight of the scouting trip for all of us was getting out on the water. Saturday, Allison and Stephen paddled from the town of Beaufort out to Shackleford Island and Cape Lookout. A total of 10 miles! Shackleford is the home to roughly 120 wild horses in addition to miles of shore and sea life. Allison, a marine science teacher, was able to point out multiple creatures along the paddle including a conch laying her eggs!

Phen and I took the ferry from Harker’s Island and met our rock-star paddlers on Cape Lookout. We all explored the seashore, Phen played in the sand (and ate some too!), and then we took the ferry back to Harker’s to conclude our day. 

 The other scouting days were spent venturing out in the area to visit campgrounds, the National Park Visitor’s Center, the Maritime museum, and exploring the White Oak River. This is a blackwater river filled with some incredible ecological diversity. The expeditioners will spend the first few days of the trip polishing up their paddling skills while exploring this river system.

We still have a few spots open in OBX 3, and 1 spot remaining in OBX 2. Don’t wait to sign up – this is a trip you won’t want to miss. 


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