Trout Unlimited Fly Fishing Program at GRP

by Sandy Schenck

Trout Unlimited logo

Should fly fishing be as popular as archery at summer camp? Fly fishing can be done in lakes and rivers, in fresh and saltwater, in all seasons and in beautiful places all over the world. It teaches patience, sharpens observation skills and enhances appreciation for the natural world. Best of all, it is really fun. Of course archery is fun too, but you can’t take a bow and arrows to the local pond to practice. Arrows zipping through the air make some people nervous.

I serve on an advisory board to a national conservation organization called Trout Unlimited or T.U. for short. They want to get young people interested in stream conservation through the sport of fly fishing. To accomplish this, I proposed that Trout Unlimited support fly fishing programs at summer camps. They liked the idea so much that this summer Green River Preserve and three other camps in Western North Carolina will launch a new Trout Unlimited fly fishing program. Campers who complete our T.U. certified training will earn a fly casting certification patch and a free youth membership in Trout Unlimited. We hope that this new program will spread across the country from where it began, right here in the Green River Valley.  

Please consider signing up for our “new and improved” fly fishing program this summer. It may be even more fun than archery.