OBX 1: Launch Take 3!

All is well! This morning OBX was finally successful in departing for their banks circumnavigation trip. The original launch day, Friday, was shut down because of high winds. But…OBX’ers adapted well and spent their time fishing, crabbing, and shrimping. They feasted on a glorious dinner of fresh harvest to say the least!

Saturday was  take 2. This time the aim was to paddle with the tide and depart early afternoon. Quickly after launching however, the leaders made the decision to turn back because of high winds again. Bummer! This launch was especially disheartening because they had spent a lot of prep time and were so excited to finally get back on the water.

Here at GRP we checked the weather and spoke with the leaders and made the decision that an early morning launch Sunday would be the best bet. So- because everything was packed and ready for the trip, expeditioners got their mental state back in order by going out to dinner and going bowling last night! Woohoo! We are positive that the bowling arm translates wonderfully to kayaking skills!

And….no news is good news! Allison, Mackenzie, and Richard assured us if we did not hear from them this morning, they had successfully left for the banks! So- being that it is 10:30 AM and they were planning to depart by 7AM, we are assuming all is well and they are bound for Shackleford!

Here are a few more highlight photos from harvest time! Check out Alex’s blowfish he caught in the cast net!