OBX1- High Winds = Shrimp & Fish

Expeditioners woke this morning packed and ready to take off for their 7 day kayaking trip on the Outer Banks. The winds however had other plans in store. At 6AM they were steadily rising and had reached our cut-off point of 12 mph. So, what can you do? Be flexible, role with the change of plans, and do something else!

OBX’ers have spent the morning catching their dinner of fish and shrimp! Yum, yum! Everyone has been actively involved and super successful! Oh- how I wish I could join them for this feast tonight! This afternoon they will venture to the Pine Knoll Shores Aquarium, (http://www.ncaquariums.com/pine-knoll-shores) a really great spot just south of their location. Check out some of these pictures from this mornings fishing ventures!