Session 2: A Camper's Essay

By Jonah A., GRP Camper

Some say that since the great spirit banished Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden, there’s been no perfect place on this Earth. Some say that the evils of this world manage to seep into everyone’s minds, even after Noah’s flood. Some say that in the wakes of world wars, genocides and terrorism, there is no safe place. 

But those who have ventured into the Green River Preserve know that that is not true. Those who have spent time at GRP are aware that innocence can still be found in this heavenly sanctuary.

It starts with small things like the Brown Meal, the Grand Slam and the fun activities. Then there are the mentor hikes and the sharing of fantastic knowledge and wonderful experiences. But most importantly is the fact that people at GRP can be seen as those who hold true to a set of commandments that is greatly revered by many – the Woodcraft Laws.

Nowhere else can you find such truth, love, beauty and fortitude. Nowhere else on our Earth is there a miniature civilization that can be summed up in one word. That word is perfect.