Session 2, Day 10

Well, they went from Coolsiville to Mediocricity today, but never fear, they’ll be back in Coolsville in no time. The Cabin Fairy awarded Hemlock Hut 1 and Whipporwill 1 the Clean Cabin Award. 

As for mentor hikes one group visited the pine barren where they practiced stalking and talked about how the area might have looked hundreds of years ago as compared to present day. Another group ran across some very small box turtles – easily fit inside the palm of your hand. We had more polar bears at Uncle’s and five salamanders were spotted in the Salamander Cave… which is a good place as any to see them.

Down at the GRP Farm, the campers were helping pick off bugs from the vegetables and while doing that spotted a preying mantis doing the same thing. Charlotte, the farm intern, asked the campers if they could come up with names for the baby dwarf goats because as she said, they’re having an identity crisis. 

Tomorrow is the first of FOUR GLPs (Group Learning Projects):

GRP Mural
Cave Hike
Botanical Art
Climbing Day
SolFood Bus/Farm Day
Born to Run
Pisgah Palooza

What a fun day ahead for the campers!