Session 2: GLP Day 2

Today was another busy GLP Day on and off the Preserve. On base camp we had campers painting dining hall chairs – adding their own personal touches to them, cooking pancakes and kabobs at the Pioneer Cabin, making an actual catapult in the backfield while others made their very own river cane flutes.  pancakes

The groups which ventured out further went horseback riding at Sky Valley Farm, sought writing inspiration at the Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site, made Raku Pottery at a local pottery studio while another group bushwhacked their way around Maybin Mountain.

And if that weren’t enough, it was Pirate Night! All the campers and staff dressed as pirates and enjoyed eating parts of their meals without utensils and speaking pirate throughout the evening… maybe not at the same time though.

That’s not all folks… the Staff Hunt was also tonight. Staff are worth points based on how many years they have been at GRP. I imagine Bentor hid very, very well. (It’s his 11th summer at GRP!)

What a day!