Expeditions Update: TBX, OBX, BRX

TBX: The crew will be arriving back this afternoon after their final week of exploration. TBX’ers spent the beginning of the week hiking in the Nantahala Forest. Days were filled with 10 plus mile hikes and lots of swimming! Reports included lots of laughs, lots of good food, and lots of beautiful sights to see! Thursday morning they moved towards the Chattooga River to raft sections 3 and 4 with the NOC. This is a super exciting part of the river filled with class 3 and 4 white water rapids. With all the rain we have been getting in the southeast, the river was likely to be extremely lively! Expeditioners will return tonight to GRP base camp and have a closing dinner and ceremony. Tomorrow……they will have to leave their summer home. We are so thankful to have had such an amazing first group of Trail Blazing Expeditioners!

OBX: Outer Banks Expeditioners made it safely to Shackelford Island yesterday. They spent the night at Whale Creek campsite and enjoyed a lovely afternoon of siesta time, beach time, and maritime exploration time! They also had the pleasure of watching the wild horses that inhabit Shackelford. This morning they launched early to paddle up the island to camp at Johnson’s Bay. Tomorrow they will cross the inlet and paddle to Cape Lookout, where they will spend the next 2 nights. The leaders report that the group is doing wonderfully and really enjoying their time out on the banks. The only real complaint….is the heat. But….thankfully- they have the ocean to cool off in and some cooler temperatures headed their way!

BRX: Blue Ridge Expeditioners have returned happy and wet from their backpacking trip in Pisgah. Expeditioners had a fabulous time hiking on the Art Loeb Trail and seeing the sights of the southern Appalachians despite their daily dose of rain. They celebrated last night with a pizza party and plan to spend today drying out and preparing for their next adventures….white water canoeing and rock climbing!