Green River Preserve Farm Update

Fresh beans on the salad bar

by Charlotte Law, GRP Farm Intern

Well, it’s that time of year at last! The hot mornings and rainy afternoons have been a blessing for the GRP farm as all of the produce is beginning to ripen and weigh down the vines. It has been a slow start to the season as far as production, but it is all worth it now as the food starts to pour into the dining hall after being harvested by campers on their farm mentor hikes. Tomatoes, multicolored squash, beans, potatoes, basil, carrots, and radishes are just a few of the delicious veggies being added to the salad bar and dining hall options. 

Session 3 campers that signed up for the farm GLP took part in harvesting over fourteen pounds of food and taking it all back to the lodge kitchen to prepare homemade pizza including mozzarella made from scratch. They also baked a strawberry cobbler with farm grown berries.  It was not only an extremely fresh and delicious meal, but also rewarding after a long morning of harvesting in the field. Potatoes just taste better when you have to dig your hands deep into the soil to reveal the tasty prize within!

It has been a blast exploring the farm and seeing the daily changes with the campers from session 3. I am really looking forward to the next group of campers to see the farm at its peak during session 4. Campers and parents are more than welcome to stop by on their way into camp for check-in on Sunday and explore the fields, meet the goats, and possibly even try a fresh bean right off the vine!