Green River Preserve Mentor, Hawk Hurst, Publishes Children's Book "The Way of the Forest"

Cover of The Way of the ForestHawk Hurst, senior mentor and naturalist for over two decades at Green River Preserve, recently published a children’s book titled The Way of the Forest. The inspiration for the book came from his early years at GRP. It is illustrated by Carson Ellis, former GRP summer camp staff member of four years. From the book’s website:

This is the story of a happy and prosperous tribe of People who have lived for generations in harmony with the land, the plants, and the animals. Upon awakening one morning, they discover that everything they have always depended upon to survive has disappeared. All the animals have departed, and the plants will no longer offer sustenance. Facing the threat of starvation, no one knows what has happened, or what to do. Taking it upon themselves to discover the truth, two young warriors – a boy and girl from the tribe – embark upon an epic journey to learn what has befallen their People.

For over two decades, Hawk Hurst has offered his educational programs across the country and internationally. He is an eight time recording artist and the author of two children’s books. Hawk’s stories bring the wonders and wisdom of ancient cultures to life. An accomplished naturalist and master craftsman, he personally creates many of the Native American-style flutes and drums used during his performances. 

Carson Ellis is a student at Mount Holyoke College, majoring in Environmental Studies, with a minor in Art History. She also has an interest in sustainable agriculture and has experience with managing organic farm projects. The Way in the Forest is her first professional work.

You can find a curriculum for The Way of the Forest written by Dr. Julie Sessions, 5th Grade Science Teacher at Porter-Gaud, a coeducational day school located in Charleston, South Carolina.