OBX2: a little RaIn & LOTS of SunSHiNE!!!

OBX2 is going swimmingly! The expeditioners have accomplished their first adventure on the White Oak River. Since drop off on Saturday, campers have been all issued their personal kayak, life jacket, paddle, and paddling gear. They spent one of the first days practicing paddling strokes and wet exits at the Quarry Lakes and playing a little ultimate frisbee kayak! Once everyone felt comfortable on the water, the crew was ready for launch of their first kayak overnight.

The river trip consists of 3 days and two nights on the White Oak River. This blackwater river system is extremely gentle with wide meanders that are ideal for practicing kayaking skills. The first day, expeditioners paddled approximately 8 miles to Haywood landing! Here they stopped to cook dinner and have an evening swim, prior to paddling on to their final destination of  Long Point Landing. Unfortunately (or fortunately), the rains and thunders began to threaten and expeditioners were tested with their adaptability skills. The group decided to spend the night at Haywood, rather than to chance paddling in the storm. Thankfully, the weather skirted around them and everyone remained safe and sound.

The following day, they paddled on to Stella Point with clear, blue, hot skies! Campers spent the night at Stella and began to plan their cook group meals for their Outer Banks paddling trip. Today, as they exit the White Oak River, they will venture through the town of Beaufort for a mail stop, a grocery shop, and perhaps an ice cream treat before heading to their evening campsite in the town of Otway, NC.

Thursday, the plan is to depart for Shackle

[caption id=“attachment_4475” align=“alignright” width=“300” caption=“Hiding out from the rain at Haywood Landing on the White Oak River”][/caption]

ford Banks and begin their 5 night expedition on Cape Lookout National Seashore. The weather is beautiful and the group is filled with strong paddlers, so it is sure to be an excellent adventure!