Session 2: Day 17

by Vivian Delchamps, GRP Counselor

Yesterday was another excellent day at camp and was the final day of normal activity scheduling. Breakfast was followed by Word of the Day (“wanderlust:” a strong desire to travel), cabin clean up, and then our final mentor hikes. Campers searched far and wide for the remaining Grand Slam animal, the bear, explored Lorax Field, hiked up the new trail built by Trailblazers Expedition crew to the Spire, and became Polar Bears at Uncle’s Creek Falls.

After lunch came a very welcome extended Rest Hour during which rain pounded on the tin roofs of the cabins.  The rain ended as activities began, and campers enjoyed making bead bracelets in arts and crafts, aimed for (and occasionally even hit) the dream shot at BB skeet, climbed the walls of the lodge, and played fun improvisation games in theater. It was a very satisfying and energetic end to activity days!

Last night was Cabin Night, so cabin groups spent their second-to-last night together, eating exciting snacks, playing board games, hunting some more for bears, and sharing stories. One group threw a dance party while others swam in the lake. Relaxing activities, like playing board games, were also embarked upon. Campers and staff are enjoying every moment of the last few days at camp for session three.