Session 2: Exciting GLP Day Planned

We have an exciting GLP Day planned for tomorrow! The projects include:

Hunger Games Olympics
GRP Water Hike
Fly Fishing/Fly Tying
Inipi Ceremony*
Appalachian Women’s Work
Warrior Dash
Cordwood Cottage Tiles

 *The Inipi Ceremony is a full-day GLP based on the Lakota Indian purification ceremony. Participants will sing songs and discuss personal growth goals during the ceremony, which is held in a small lodge made of saplings and covered with blankets. Our Inipi ceremony is an age-appropriate sweat lodge ceremony which is briefer and not as hot as the sweat lodge ceremonies held for adults. It is facilitated by Ben Wyrick (Bentor) who has been leading the activity for seven years and assisted by two counselors. During this educational ceremony, many elements of Lakota Indian culture and spirituality are discussed, but no religious creed is endorsed. Many campers remember this ceremony as one of their  most cherished experiences at Green River.