Session 2: GLP Day 4

by Amelia Schirmer, GRP Counselor

Today was a wonderful Group Learning Project day here at Green River Preserve. It was a very hot day but it did not depress the spirits of the Geocaching group, Bugging Out group, Day of the Disc group, or the Search and Rescue group. The other GLPs were practicing many other crafts such as pasta, belt and flute making, indoors away from the hot sun. Pasta Making was very successful and staff and campers alike walked away with full stomachs and smiles on their faces.

I had the pleasure of being a part of the Day of the Disc group and had a blast with twelve talented and determined campers. We played ultimate frisbee all day with breaks in between for time to enjoy the cool water of the lake and in our bottles. The campers who signed up were great athletes as well as great sports. There was a strong showing of sportsmanship and hussle from all leading to about five games total. Of course the score was always fun to fun and the ends were marked by group consensus to have a water break.

The Variety Show is scheduled for tonight and the list is already full of campers eager to show their skills. I have heard a few campers preparing to play their respective instruments from the fiddle to the mandolin. Whatever tonight has in store I know it will be a wonderful end to another fantastic day at GRP.