Session 2: Last Full Day

by Vivian Delchamps, GRP Counselor

Happy 4th of July!

Yesterday camp celebrated Independence Day by showing up in red, white, and blue to breakfast and singing the Star-Spangled Banner. Then everyone got exciting news: Tuesday night during cabin night, the cabin Fireside 1 saw not one, but several bears! News about the Grand Slam caused a lot of table banging and cheering.

Some of yesterday’s Group Learning Projects included a water hike up the Green River, making pottery tiles, and learning traditional Appalachian arts like jam making and rug weaving.  The dance GLP Giant Rave Party learned several exciting social dance styles like the Charleston, East Coast Swing, Disco, and salsa, then learned a short salsa routine and finished with a rave dance party in the Lodge. Some brave campers did a Mud Runner GLP and ran around base camp through a course that involved mud pits and zip lining. 

We had a very busy afternoon— solo sits so campers and staff could meditate upon the session, followed by a delicious banquet complete with candles, music, a slideshow, and dancing. There was also a vast amount of Grand Slam ice cream, toppings, and cake! Then came a lovely final Upper Council Fire, the sad and beautiful candlelight ceremony, and finally Grand Slam/4th of July-worthy fireworks. 

Everything was wrapped up with final Rose/Bud/Thorns and bed. Campers are sad to leave (but eager to see their families and friends) and staffers are sad to see them go. It’s been an amazing session with incredible kids!