Session 3: Summer Camp Day 10

Today was the last regular camp day before the next two GLP Days. On the mentor hikes we had one group stalk another group which is always fun. That group also did yoga on Long Rock. Another group went swimming in Lake Julia in DuPont. We had our usual polar bears at Uncle’s Falls and on the way back they ate some Indian cucumbers. Oh, and they also saw at least a dozen salamanders!

The group of hikers heading out on the Bear Trail, first caught some red spotted newts, frogs and tadpoles with nets. While on the trail they saw a wide variety of mushrooms and Indian Pipe which doesn’t have chlorophyll. Check out the ink for more information. The campers who hiked to Indian Cave showed quite a bit of fortitude. On the GRP Farm campers harvested the season’s first cucumber and then promptly ate it! 

After mentor hike reports, campers were reminded to paint their pottery during free time and to find spirit stones if they had not already. You know what that means… yep, the end of the session is near. It goes by so quickly!

The evening program tonight was the Appalachian Shindig which is full of music, dancing and FUN!