Session 3: Summer Camp Day 2

Goodness, it was an exciting day! During the mentor hikes, two Grand Slam animals were spotted. Laura’s group saw two copperheads at the Balds. Then on the way back to base camp, Sandy put on the brakes while driving the bus and pointed out a fawn crossing the road. What’s neat is that other camper groups actually saw signs of the other two Grand Slam animals – bear scratches and hair on a tree and a couple of turkey feathers. Should we just go ahead and buy the ice cream? 

In other mentor hike news, the campers who went to Uncle’s Falls chilled out with the amphibians and several became polar bears. At the GRP Farm, campers harvested some sugar snap peas for the salad bar at lunch. When farm mentor, Charlotte, asked who ate some, mostly counselors raised their hands. She encouraged the kids to give them a try at dinner. Another group went on the newly improved Big Laurel Creek trail, thanks to the TBXers, where there were many waterfalls and a fantastic place to slide. 

Today was the campers’ first activity day which included fencing, dance, drawing/painting, creative writing, knitting, outdoor skills and more. Evening program will be a camp-wide favorite, Capture the Flag. They are going to sleep so well tonight!