Session 3: Summer Camp Day 4

Holding a CrayfishWhen Harrison, our program assistant, asked the campers how their hikes were this morning, he was answered with resounding cheers. Despite the drizzly rain, apparently the campers had a great time this morning!

And apparently turkeys like the wet weather because two separate hiking groups spotted them which means they have already seen THREE of the Grand Slam animals! Now they just need to see a bear. They’ve been seeing signs such as scat and scratches on trees, just not the actual animal.

Those who went to the Spire saw some purple mushrooms. The campers in Bentor’s group actually saw a whippoorwill fly right by them which is a pretty rare sight according to him. Starr’s hiking group ran across a crayfish that had just shed its shell. Down on the GRP Farm they harvested green beans and witnessed a mantis eating a yellow jacket on a sunflower. 

This evening campers and staff will dress up as twins for Twinner Night. The evening program is the Variety Show!