Session 3: Summer Camp Day 5

by Vivian Delchamps, GRP Counselor

Yesterday was a great day of regular activity schedule, and the last day before campout! 

After breakfast campers learned a new Word of the Day (ferity: to be feral) then met with their mentor groups. 

Two groups went to Uncle’s Creek Falls and became polar bears while another explored the cave. Two groups also saw turkeys, and everyone kept their eyes open for bears in the hopes of getting a Grand Slam. 

After lunch and Rest Hour campers had a great time in activities. In climbing campers scaled the back of the fireplace and crossed the postman’s walk, and in dance, campers came up with an adorable bear dance. 

The evening program was all about campout: how to pack, what to be prepared for, and general discussion about how awesome it’s going to be. Everyone is very ready for an amazing time in the woods!

(Campout will be from Friday afternoon until Sunday morning. Photos will be posted then.)