Session 3: Summer Camp Day 9

Today was a snake-sighting day! One group saw three timber rattlers, one black snake and two copperheads while another group saw a copperhead. As usual campers are taught to have a healthy respect for them so it’s all good… really. Another group saw some large salamanders at the Salamander Cave near Uncle’s Falls.

The campers at the GRP Farm harvested pounds of green beans and squash which showed up on the dining hall salad bar at lunch. Now that’s FRESH! We also had some Cherokee head-dunkers at the Green River during the Hemlock Fields hike. The campers who went to Indian Cave learned about its role during the Trail of Tears. They listened to the story by the light of one candle. 

The afternoon was filled with numerous activities of the campers’ choosing which included pottery, painting, tae kwon do, and many more. Tonight’s program will be the Lower Council Fire.