The Lost Cave - Sandy Schenck

The Lost Cave – Sandy Schenck

In 1953, my parents purchased the land known as Green River Preserve for our family to use for hiking, fishing, hunting, and camping. Through their generosity, this land was given to me. I am forever grateful to them for instilling their love of nature and all its’ offerings to me at a young age.

In 1988, Green River Preserve Summer Camp was founded. I have watched our campers explore our family’s property for 25 years. My love for the land has only increased. The land is loved by my family and now, I hope, by generations of campers.

Yesterday, I was given a new aerial photo of a part of the Preserve that reveals a very large rock formation that has never been explored. To me, it is like discovering an unopened gift from my parents. I want to share this photographic discovery with you. The continual awe of adventure and discovery of the Preserve’s land is a precious and remarkable gift. It nourishes our soul and sparks our creativity and diversity. It always will.

This weekend I’m planning to explore the hidden formation in this photograph. It’s a bit like Christmas morning….I can’t wait!!! I’ll be sure to take photographs and to report my findings…and, for campers planning to return in 2013 or come for the first time…look for this adventure as a top GLP (group learning project) Day.

(Images to be posted tomorrow)