Welcome Sara!

Sara’s Photo

Please join us in welcoming Sara Huffman to Green River Preserve. Sara is GRP’s
new year round Administrative Assistant. Her primary responsibilities relate to
“all things camper,” such as camper registration, camper billing, camp store accounts, cabin
assignments, camper recruitment and marketing, and camper news. Sara will also serve as the Editor of Green River Preserve’s quarterly newsletter, Whispers from the Preserve, and join the social media team of our administrative staff.

A local from Hendersonville, NC, Sara began her camp career when she was 8 years old
and is thrilled to join the GRP family! After graduating from UNC – Chapel Hill, she had
many adventures in the world of video and film production before returning to her home
in the mountains to pursue her eternal love of camping. Sara is the fearless
leader for EPIC (Emerging Professionals In Camping) in WNC and organizes trainings and events for local camp professionals. She enjoys promoting summer camp throughout the community, as well as hiking, listening to audio books, and debating the best flavor at local ice cream-ery Dolly’s.

Sara is looking forward to meeting all of our camper families and getting to experience a grand slam. Her diversity of experiences, creativity, enthusiasm and leadership bring a wealth of knowledge to our administrative team.