And They're Off!

This morning, our campers embarked on the ultimate test of teamwork and resilience here at GRP: Campout! The three-day, two-night event is eagerly awaited during all our two and three week sessions. Despite all the fun we have building fires and roasting marshmallows, some serious work must be done in order to have a successful campout.


Our campers work hard together to collect firewood, construct tarps, and hang bear bags.  Also, as backcountry campers, we all work hard to maintain the ‘Leave No Trace’ principles.  A constant goal at Green River Preserve is for our campers to gain more knowledge of the natural world, as well as about themselves as individuals.  Campout is a great way for campers to learn independence and responsibility, while maintaining a teamwork effort.  We have already witnessed so much growth in our campers and it is always an inspiration to staff to see our campers grow during Campout!


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We will be getting amazing updates from the campers and staff as they enjoy this adventure! 


[caption id=“attachment_6400” align=“aligncenter” width=“300”]And They’re Off! And They’re Off![/caption]