Creating a Home at Camp... Compassion

The characteristic fun and learning here continues here at GRP.   Campers recovered from all of the dancing done last night at the Shindig in time for breakfast and their Mentor hikes.  


Today, many more joined the ranks of Polar Bears and Black Bears and other GRP traditions.  One group even saw a copperhead snake!  This is exciting news regardless, but even more so here at GRP – it means we are halfway to a GRAND SLAM.  A Grand Slam occurs when campers see a black bear, wild turkey, deer, and venomous snake in one session.  As a result, the whole camp gets to feast at an ice cream party!  Earlier in the week, a turkey was spotted so we’re already half way there – I have high hopes.



After Mentor hikes, campers had Rest Hour, three new activities, and free time, and we look forward to dinner later…I mean, Twinner.  Tonight, individuals will be hard to distinguish as their normal selves – we will all be dressed as each other.  At Twinner, campers have the opportunity to try and become identical with one person or a group of people.  The costumes and ideas are always entertaining and often ingenious.  Afterward, we have Lower Council Fire, which will sure to be entertaining.


Today, I’m focusing on compassion shown here at camp.  At first I was nervous of the topic but now I realize I should be thrilled; without trying or looking, I see examples of compassion each day at camp.  In the cabin, campers come together to create a home.  Creating a home means making each member feel, most importantly, safe.  On the hikes, we work together.  When we go to the cave, a seemingly scary overlook, or on a difficult hike, I always hear campers encouraging each other to try it out, overcome their fears and misgivings, and to keep going.  At activities, campers are great about doling out compliments and praise to their peers – ‘great shot’ at archery or ‘beautiful’ at drawing and painting. Campers are always ready and waiting to display kindness and compassion to each other and it’s such a beautiful thing to see here at GRP, and we have such faith that the compassion will continues to grow outside of camp!