Harvests begin!!

GrIMG_3202eens are finally ready to be picked!  We delivered several pounds of kale and a few pounds of pac choi, with even more on the way.





Pac choi is a lovely little chinese cabbage that is excellent in stirfries.


There are some wonderful blooms showing up on the farm as well.  We have picked the first early yellow crookneck squash as well as some yellow pattypan squash. 

The zucchini will be ready soon as well.







One of my favorites,IMG_3180 the nasturtiums, have started as well.  The seeds of this plant can be used as a substitute for capers when pickled.


A few fun animal sightings to report as well. 


A teeny tiny turtle turned up while we were weeding.


A bear has visited the farm for at least the last few nights.


And just yesterday the new batch of chicks hatched! IMG_3214












We are certainly looking forward to campers arriving on the farm tomorrow!!!