Predator Prey Day

We are settling into our wonderful routine here at GRP! The campers have been spending all of their spare time getting to know their cabin mates. Yesterday before dinner, we played a glorified game of rock-paper-scissors that had all the campers interacting with each other, turning from eggs into chickens into dragons into “pretty pretty princesses” and finally into superheroes. It was quite an event!




We woke this morning to the evidence that it had rained all night, and that it was, indeed, still raining. That didn’t stop everyone from heading up to breakfast and quickly devouring plate upon plate of french toast! After breakfast, the campers headed out on mentor hikes, a GRP signature activity. All morning long, the campers were out interacting with the plants, animals, and people of the Preserve.





They returned to lunch with stories of salamanders, Polar Bearing (standing under a waterfall while thrice shouting “polar bear”) and snake skins. It was quite a successful morning by all measure.


The campers are now in their first activity period, partaking in activities such as fly fishing, pottery, archery, crafts, fencing and much more. Later in the afternoon, we will complete our swim review. The big excitement of the afternoon, however, is our evening program: a game called Predator Prey. Predator Prey is designed to simulate the life of an animal, the food chain, and how different species of animals are in connection with each other and are affected by humans. It’s a GRP favorite, and it always brings out everyone’s inner camouflage skills.


Top of the Food Chain- Hawks


As I have been writing, the sun has come out for the first time in the last 24 hours, and the sounds of happy campers in their activities has come wafting through the windows. Let us all enjoy it!




[caption id=“attachment_6167” align=“alignnone” width=“200”]Teamwork at it’s finest Teamwork at it’s finest[/caption]