Wrapping up an Awesome Week

We had a grand week here at GRP! Despite the lack of sun on its given day (Sunday), the weather was in our favor the rest of the week.  It was perfect for  hikes, fly fishing, activities, and games here at the Preserve.  

On the mentor hikes, our campers learned about the plants and animals present in the Green River Valley. The adventurous campers also partook in some chilly traditions here at GRP: “polar bearing” and “Cherokee head dunking.” We all enjoyed some fun activities with our friends in the afternoons, after the cherished rest hour.

We had multiple campers hit the dream shot in archery and BB skeet this week. Our campers learned the importance of only taking the food you are going to eat thanks to Ort-Man and Scruffy, our beloved superheroes who have come to Earth to fight the Ort Wars forever more! The food chain and effects of DDT were portrayed through a fun game of Predator/Prey on Monday night. It was great to see the campers all decked out for Pirate Night on Wednesday!

We enjoyed the Upper Council Fire last night and laid our spirit stones around the fire. The following sessions will surround their spirit stones around those already in place. They will be moved at the end of the summer to the hillside with all the other spirit stones from years past. Our campers are always welcome back to view their spirit stone as a memory of the great times here at GRP. 


It was a bittersweet morning here at the Preserve. We were sad to see our campers go, but delighted that they are reunited with loved ones and can take on the world with a newfound confidence. It gives us great pleasure that our lovely campers are leaving with a different view and appreciation of the natural world we all reside in. 

See you next summer!