Behold the Wonders and Discovery



We are settling into our routine nicely.  After all the hustle and bustle of Opening Day yesterday, we were eager to get out onto the Preserve and explore.  We woke up to a beautiful sunshiny day with the birds beckoning us to breakfast. After breakfast, we embarked on our Mentor Hikes.














Mentor Hikes are the signature of GRP, where every camper spends the morning out on the Preserve with their Mentor Group and a professional naturalist. These are mornings full of excitement and discovery, with campers learning new things (wild edibles, the ways of the forest), and going new places.














I went on a Mentor Hike this morning to the Cave.  As we were hiking, we talked about what to do if we saw a snake or got lost, and also snacked on some wild blueberries.  When we got to the Cave, the campers were challenged to go in, without their lights, to the back, where our Mentor had set up some candles, and retrieve a Bravery Bead.  We then reconvened and were challenged to go into the slightly smaller Dry Room without lights.  Once we got in, we turned on our lights, explored, and talked about cave formation and the history of this cave. It was a morning of self-challenge and self discovery.








After lunch, we learned about what the other groups had done. One went to the Farm and dug over 400 pounds of potatoes, one went to a waterfall and Polar Beared, one to Fawn Lake to swim, and one played around and walked along the Green River. We are now resting up for our afternoon activities, eagerly awaiting more adventures.