Blessed with Good Weather and Amazing Campers

The first week (almost) of camp has gone wonderfully. We’ve been blessed with wonderful weather these past few days.  I have been lucky enough to go on two mentor hikes with our campers so far this session.  Not only have we been blessed with good weather, we’ve been blessed again with amazing campers.  They are curious and compassionate individuals whose company I thoroughly enjoy.



Today was a typical base camp day today here at GRP.  We had another amazing round of mentor hikes this morning and as of now, we’ve seen two of the four grand slaminals, all we need to see are some turkeys and a bear!  This afternoon was filled with fly fishing, fencing, painting, archery, bb skeet and many other fun filled adventures. Tonight is our special evening activity… CAMPOUT PREP!!  The campers will go through stations with mentors and learn the vital information about camp out and camping without a trace.  Important information will be learned tonight including the ever beloved “spanky” talk, which I’m sure your campers will be eager to tell you all about when they return home.  Our mentors will also go over the importance of respecting the wildlife and others while camping, the importance of leaving little to no trace as to not disrupt the beautiful earth, and getting talked to about packing in and packing out.  




I am eagerly awaiting Campout and the chance to spend time getting to know my campers better and looking forward to seeing them interact with one another to accomplish tasks on Campout.  I always love to see how close my campers have become after Campout!