Dear Earth

Dear Earth,

This is one of the year inhabitants here writing to tell you that I am truly sorry about what is becoming of your pristine beauty.  Your majestic rivers, your towering mountains, your tall tress and your beautiful lakes all bare a magical quality and I hope the people living here never completely erase those wonderful things from you.  You are slowly becoming polluted, but of course parts of you will always be preserved; like national parks and where I am right now, GRP.  These places are so wonderful and I will always cherish places like them.  I know everybody on earth does not show it by their actions but mostly all of us truly care about you.  The whispering of the wind, the glistening of the oceans and tall the other natural wonders are so amazing, and I love them more than anything else.  


Lauren Howard  


From a creative writing class.  I hope you all enjoy this as much as I did.  

Your GRP Photographer

-Samantha K