Promising signs from Campers About Nature

Today was our last day of regular schedule here at GRP!  Tomorrow we begin GLPs, or Group Learning Projects.  GLPs are activities that last all day and range in content – some groups will be hiking, some canoeing, some painting, some fishing, and others throwing Frisbee.  Some groups will get in a physical workout while others will exercise their creative sides.  Regardless of which GLP we’re talking about, there’s something for everyone no matter what your interests!




I’m excited to see GLPs come, but I’m sad to see mentor hikes and activities go.  Mentor hikes are really the places I’ve seen some of the most promising signs from campers about their connectedness to nature.  I’ve seen and heard lots of insightful discussions about the best ways to treat the nature surrounding us while here at GRP and once we go home.  Should we bring this empty turtle shell back to GRP, where other campers can benefit and learn from it?  Or, should we leave it here, where we found it, where creatures like mice can benefit from the nutrients found in it?  Should we eat these berries, or are there not enough for both us and the animals that live off of them?  If we pick up this animal, how will they feel?  Is their potential fear worth the knowledge we’ll gain from looking?  Should we pick these leaves/this plant, or will that be too damaging?


GRP forces both staff and campers to think about so many things that many in the outside world simply aren’t considering.  I can’t wait for our campers to go out and spread the word to their peers!