It Was Hard Saying Goodbye

Today was closing day, and through the happy tears and warm hugs of being reunited, our campers left their GRP family to return home to their own families.  I can not express how amazingly great these kids were this session, it was a true pleasure to get a chance to see the potential each kid held.  

Parents and siblings rushed into the back field to search out their campers.  Kids leaping into their parents arms, so happy to see their family and eager to tell them all about their exciting happenings at GRP.  There were so many great moments to capture and parents to thank for blessing us with their amazing kids.  







It was hard saying goodbye to the kids after two weeks of bonding, learning and teaching.  I will truly miss all of these guys and I am looking forward to seeing so many of these smiling faces next summer!!  

Your GRP Photographer

-Samantha K