Where the Beginning of Growth Starts at GRP


What a beautiful day we had as we opened our gates and welcomed in our fifth batch of campers and their families to Green River Preserve.  All the kids have arrived and have had time to settle into their new homes for the week.  Talk about top or bottom bunks have been had and the campers were able to introduce themselves to one another.  





As we split up between boys and girls, they each made their ways down to the gazebo to join together for the GRP respect circle.  The respect circle is our way of holding each child responsible for not only resecting each other, but also their councilors, nature and themselves.  We ask them to make the verbal announcement of “I do” if they feel they are capable of upholding this challenge.  I feel this is such a great tool for the kids to know that we are holding them responsible to be the best versions of themselves, and it always amazes me how far they come over a week’s time with realizing their strengths and ability to go above and beyond our expectations.  Here is also where we talk about our Woodcrafter Laws to the kids as well.    

After both groups partake in the Respect Circle, its time for some fun in the sun with our Swim Review!  It’s a great way for the kids to show us what level of a swimmer they are so we can guarantee their best safety while enjoying swimming activities.  While waiting for their cabin groups turn to take the swim test, the kids are offered some leaser time to play some field games, hang out, mingle and just get to know each other in a fun environment.  You can already see such great friendships blossoming not only among cabin groups, but among all of the children.  

Dinner will be at 6:30 tonight and then we will be partaking in our Lower Council Fire, where we will share stories as well as listen to our wonderful group of musicians here at GRP.  Lower Council is one of my favorite evening activities because the kids are introduced to a better understanding of what we try to promote here at GRP and offering them a chance to take in and better understand for themselves what GRP means to them throughout the week.  It is where the beginning of our kids growth starts here at GRP, and it is so amazing to see the progress flourish all week .  

This place does so many wonderful things to provide children with a hands on experiential education about the land, nature, each other and most importantly themselves.  I am looking forward to such an awesome week with all of the kids and I can’t wait to photograph  all the exciting things that are going to happen in the course of one week, as well as share with all of you here.  

Your GRP Photographer,