Kayaks, Kayaks, Kayaks! It's Great to be on the Outer Banks!

Outer Banks Expeditioners are having a great time! Over the last few days they have been learning the ins and outs of kayaking and getting their feet wet with long days paddles.

Yesterday the OBXers went over wet exits while they were waiting for a favorable tide, and played some games on dry land and on the water. When the tide turned they paddled up Hunters Creek. People were in a good mood and enjoyed the paddle. For dinner they cooked up a delicious teriyaki stir-fry.

This morning they had breakfast burritos. They went over packing their dry bags and boats for their overnight to Longpoint on the White Oak River. They will be spending the remainder of the day in town visiting the Aquarium and Maritime museum. Tomorrow they will take off for their first kayak overnight! Everyone is having a blast!