One of the most common questions we get at camp is “How can I afford camp?” A Huffington Post article explains the incredible benefits of summer camp and why it is important for every child to have a camp experience.

“So, saving funds for college is important, but saving for camp each year can really change a life. Let’s let our kids decide if college is important to them when the time comes. Let’s give them the tools necessary for them to make the decisions that will catapult them forward.”

While sticker shock often causes many people to shy away from the camp experience, the reality is as follows: when broken down over the nine months between the end of camp in 2015 and opening day 2016, you have nine months to save up for an experience that can and will change your child’s life. Here is a breakdown of the monthly savings necessary to afford a session at camp when saving over the course of nine months.

Base Camp

  • $153 per month for Session 1 and 5
  • $317 per month for Session 2 and 4
  • $438 per month for Session 3


  • $322 per month for BRX, OBX, and TBX
  • $442 per month for WXP

We strongly encourage families to have their child(ren) be a part of the decision-making process when choosing a camp. Having your child help save money for the experience as well helps them not only learn basic financial principles, but also helps them take more ownership of the experience as a whole.

I highly recommend setting up a “Summer Camp Fund.” This can be a decorated jar at the house (decorate it with camp photos or put it on the shelf amidst camp crafts or souvenirs) or an account at the bank that will earn interest (and provides a sweet opportunity for your child to learn about the power of saving early and often!)

Here are a few ways to creatively save money for summer camp: 

Business: Open a lemonade or water stand in the neighborhood or near school on hot days and a hot chocolate/baked goods stand on cold days.

Saving: Instead of an allowance, contribute periodically to the Summer Camp Fund.

Do your share of the work: If a child is old enough to do chores around the house like washing cars, vacuuming, mopping, or taking out the trash, they can earn money for the Summer Camp Fund. Better yet, you can reward your camper by having them do chores we do at camp like making beds, setting, clearing and wiping tables, sweeping, dusting, or activity area cleanup.

Gift: Give the gift of camp for a birthday or holiday present. Explain that though this is a gift they cannot see and touch right this moment, that it will be a gift that will last much longer than most other gifts they may receive. If you want a tangible item for the camper to unwrap, contact us and we can send you a copy of our current video or you can purchase an item from the camp store. When grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins ask what your child wants for his/her birthday or holiday, GRP is one of the most meaningful and beneficial gifts they can give.

When you give the gift of camp, you give your child the gift of friendships, lifelong skills, a connection to nature, a community built on a foundation of respect, and motivation to be more aware of the people and environment around them.

We do offer scholarships on a very limited first-come, first serve basis. We greatly appreciate any contributions to our scholarship fund so that we may be able to assist veteran campers who are in financial need. If you are interested in contributing to the scholarship fund at GRP, please email or donate through Paypal at the following link on our website.

How Will I Afford Camp This Year?

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