Farmer Phil eating fresh asparagus

A very happy spring time hello from the farm! We are already buzzing with activity here on the Green River; baby chicks hatching, flowers blooming, seedlings stretching and growing…

After three long years of waiting, this spring we had the thrill of eating the first asparagus off our plants!! Asparagus is a long lived perennial that grows back from its roots each year. In order for it to establish properly it is best not to harvest from it during the first two years of growth, well we waited our two years and it was worth it. Our current favorite way to eat it, straight out of the field!

We have also been having a lot of fun with our new program KALE!
Beginning in early April, children and young adults from local schools began visiting our farm for a hands-on field trip that focuses on the environmental impacts of farming and the food choices we all make.

Beautiful day for tree planting


Student enjoying fresh carrots

We, the staff, and the kids have had a fabulous time playing with animals, exploring the river, and digging up some farm fresh treats…

Where ever you are, we hope you are enjoying the spring and we can hardly wait for you to join us at camp this summer!!!

Spring time Farm time

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