The GRP farm staff is very proud to announce the inaugural season of our new program, KALE. No, not the kind you eat; our KALE stands for Kids’ Agricultural Learning Experience and brings local students to the Green River Preserve Farm for a day of fun and learning. Combined with an in-class lesson lead by our staff, we plan for this program to become an integral part of our local community.

A primary focus of the program is to help children and young adults of all ages make the connection between where their food comes from and how that fits into the many ecosystems they are a part of, be it the global ecosystem, the farm ecosystem, or the ecosystem in their own backyard. We hope participants will leave feeling like they are a part of their food cycle and understanding ways that they can positively impact that cycle.

kale On the farm, participants will take part in a number of engaging and educational activities including mixing soil, planting seeds and seedlings, feeding and learning about animals, sifting compost, identifying bugs, and much much more! If you are a local parent or student, and would like to participate in this program please contact GRP directly or you can email the farm manager at .

And as much fun as we are having this spring, we can hardly wait to see all your smiling faces this summer!!! Happy growing from the GRP farm staff.

Introducing the New KALE Program

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