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Anne & Stephen Mead

Anne & Stephen Mead

Hi, We are Anne & Steve!


We are thrilled to share the summer with you and your expeditioner. As former campers, expedition leaders, and now parents ourselves we know how important it is to trust those in care of your child. You are excited about the opportunity for your child to become more independent and aware of the natural world, but might have concerns about the capabilities of the trip leaders, the team members, and thoroughness of a trip plan.

Our staff is a defining characteristic of our expeditions. We personally interview candidates to ensure a cohesive team of multi-talented, experienced outdoor leaders, who are certified in wilderness first aid among other things. Safety is our highest priority, and we pledge to you we will equip our leaders with the tools necessary to lead our expeditions successfully and risk free. We also promise to select your child’s teammates with thoughtfulness and care in hopes of having the best expedition group possible!

We believe GRP’s expeditions are an exceptional program and a unique opportunity for your child to become a more independent, confident, community leader. We recognize expeditions is a quality investment in your child’s future, so we encourage you to explore our website for more trip details and to contact us with any questions or concerns. We look forward to sharing our summer with your son or daughter!